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Miniacus was born out of the wish to let go of the toys grown-ups invent and replace them with a product of kid’s imagination. The characters kids make up are always surprising and original and so are the techniques we use to make them come alive.

The drawings we receive are accompanied by a story the kids tell which helps us understand the personality of the future toy.

Once we know what we have to do, we get to it! We find the best materials for the job and turn on the sewing machine. Sometimes it takes a day, sometimes more but we always make our customers happy!

How do you make them?
We hve a team of graphic designers that make a 3D model of the drawing. Meanwhile, we pick the most suitable fabrics and colors and when everybody is set, we power up the sewing machine, run the needle and thread and don’t stop until we have a quality toy.
What are the toys made of? Are they safe for kids?
We only use natural fabrics made in Romania, almost exclusively cotton. Both the fabric and the stuffing are hypo allergenic, flame retardant as required by the EC certification. We understand that kid’s health comes first so we never use small plastic pieces that might come off, the paint used is natural and non-toxic, with a low colour transfer rate. The sticking is double-checked to make sure it will withhold even the wildest adventures the toys might face.
How do I care for the Miniacus toy?
We recomend hand washing the toys in water no hotter than 30 degrees Celsius and using fabrics softener that protects colours.
How do I order?
Using the contact form, send us a couple of information about the toy you are looking for and we will get back to you via email so we can receive the drawing and the story. Coming soon: an interactive ordering form!
What's the price?
Original Miniacus toys cost between 25 and 50 euros depending on the size and how many details the character has. You can pay upon deliver thorugh a mail service of your choosing or PayPal.
Do you make copies of toys found on the market?
No, because of copywrite laws, we only make original toys. We are certain that your children can make up better toys anyway.
I have a quacky idea, can you help?
Sure we will!
I hav an offer you can't refuse
Send it our way and we will do everything we can to put smiles on children’s faces.

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